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     The method of formulation is based on 'Holland-ukia-hydro treatel' based

        on polymers; while existing almost all chemicals are Inorganic  based .

        That's why our doses are very compact-i.e. in grams and milligrams -

        unlike  KILOS AND  KILOS in Inorganic base.

      It is necessary that the chemicals shouldn't have remnant effect.

           Due  to  inherent composition of certain Inorganic salts in it ,the other

          chemicals have remnant effect.That leads to further complications like 

          increased corrosion,sedimentation, and continues temptation to

          reduced pH.The cost may seem less,but the complications are

          dearer.Such problems never come with our PRESCY and  XL-1.

     PRESCY and XL-1 never allows re-deposition of removed salts.

          PRESCY and XL-1 'FORM A THIN PROTECTIVE LAYER' in between

          sludge and metal surfaces.The other chemicals are not working in this

          direction .On the contrary,they form thick sludge, which in turn

          re-deposits again on the metals.This calcified mass is very difficult

          to remove.

     This calcified mass requires either hammering with sharp instruments

        or  the treatment with very strong acid.But with PRESCY , and XL-1 even

        such calcified mass becomes smooth ,puffy and it gets reduced slowly

        and slowly ,layer by layer ,due to the curative property of PRESCY and

        XL-1.This eliminates the risky treatments with acids.

     VERY IMPORTANT :- To prevent the re-deposition of precipitated salt

        and sludge in the system is a preventive measure; and to remove the

        pre-deposited salt first by converting in to puffy mass and then reduce it;

        layer by layer is a curative approach and it is very important that these

        two properties are effective in appropriate alkaline media.

     The formulation of our product is done as per the requirement depending

        upon the nature of water available in the region of our customer, which

        comprises various salts in it. But, others are blindly formulating the

        inorganic chemicals without considering this factor.

     Our chemicals do not acquire high pH instantly , but the slow releasing

        property works, to maintain the pH, as if the chemicals are working as

        a buffer for pH.

     The oxygen dissolved in the water reacts with the metal surfaces in the

         system at a high temperature and pressure giving high density

         corrosion, which leads to pitting effect and thus reduces the life of

         system as well as increases the scope of risk of explosion.

     Many organic chemicals having sulphur as a base,dissociate at high 

         temperature and pressure and turns the water acidic in nature which in

         turn corrode the metal surfaces due to acidic property if water.This

        double corrosion is severly risky  for M.P./ H.P. boilers also.

     Our chemical do not form any sulphur compound but the released

         oxygen reacts with our chemicals[with polymer chain] to form natural

         nitrogen and water [N2 and H2] thus totally eliminating the risk of '

         gaseous' and 'acidic corrosion' and simultaneously scavenges

         complete oxygen which is harmful to the boiler water. Such polymers are

         costly - but required in less proportion.This is the reason,why many

         manufactureres avoid polymer in their formulation.

     It is utmoist important that the regular frequency of follow up is

         maintained to see that you are satisfied with our chemicals and

         servive.[prompt delivery and   satisfaction by performance].

     We have also revealed to you ,that,by removing such trouble/hindrance

        problems you are achieving the slogan of industries,which they

        emphasize by calling 'energy conservation' and this is seen by even

        the ordinary operator ,who marks the rapid steam generation due to fast

        conductivity of heat.

     We have explained you in 'possible simple manner' and the continous

        use of  these PRESCY,XL-1 and ALGONE-1000-SM also,in cooling

        system, becomes the need of priority.


    ALGONE-100-SM prevents algae in all cooling and heating water

        storage system.(Treated water exclusively for Industrial Use).

     Algae are natural evil to storage water in industries.Water required for

        cooling in condensers and other cooling systems.As there is heavy

        consumption of water by the industries for cooling purpose to circulate

        in condensers,heat exchangers etc.; and as they cannot afford to throw

        the once used water,they store it in big open tanks over which cooling

        towers are erected.

     Water so exposed to sunlight and atmosphere undregoes Algae,

         Bacteria and  Fungi growths.Algae creates problems as choking the

         pipelines nozzles and decreases the efficiency of condensers of the

         cooling equipment's in proper heat  transfer ,thus industries suffer a lot.

         ALGONE-1000-SM is a proven technology and help all industries to get

         rid of such fouling like Algae,Slimes etc.

      Applications are in the fields of various industries like Govt. Milk 

         Schemes,Steel Plant,Power Stations,Petroleum Refineries,Fertilizer

         plants,Chilling plants, Refrigeration plants and also for spraying on guest

         houses,bungalows,buildings and in stagnant water required for industrial

         use only.

Why Algone-1000-SM ONLY?




     Preventive and Curative in alkaline media.

     Broad - spectrum BIOCIDAL ACTIVITY


     Very economical due to compact doses

     Approved by govt.

     Direct supply from manufacturer

     Safe due to it's alkaline, buffer alkaline property


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