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  Phen-o-max (spl) .First time in India non - poisonous ,

     non - irritating , non Hazardous, neem based natural hygienic for

    DFT formulation. To be used  either with K-IN-SOL or with 

   Jermolin 80 F.

K-in-sol : The ionic stabilizer and the co-product for

    Pheno-o-Max / spl ,- too.

Jermolin 80 F : The first Indian formulation to treat the floors 

     scientifically and to spray in to air with required dilution. Mandatory 

     Co-product for Phen-O-Max.

Jermolin 80 EP : First Indian comprehensive compact and

     balanced formulation to treat any surface or, medically sensitive

    euipments / instruments /apparatus.

SUPRIMAX : Highly Powerful,pleasantly perfumed ,natural aromatic

     and compact soln for the thousand time dilution .

GERMO NIM :  Formulated only for the municipal corporation /

         municipalities and other local self Govt. bodies. For the Spraying 

         on the garbage ,cesspool, and stgnant water top maintain the hygienic

        care and for deodorization.

  Algone-1000-S M :-  The most powerful , non hazardous , non 

         poisonous , non - inorganic and safe preventive and curative  for 

        algae in cooling tower, Works completely in alkaline media.           

  PRESCY : For treatment  of the boiler feed water to prevent the linking of 

      the salts, to condition the sludge and maintain the period of the blow down.

XL -1 : The First Indian Formulation. In Alkaline and Polymer base for different 

    applications as follows.

XL -1 (SC) :De- scales deposited salts , layer by layer by unique poly 


  XL -1 (SP) : prevents the re-deposition of precipitatedsalts with ionic


XL -1 (OX) :scanvenges the Oxygen to prevent the gaseous corossion.

XL -1 (AC) :Works as preventive , to maintain Alkaline buffer pH 

     and avoid the acidic corrosion and maintain teh result of water as per

    the ISI specification for water treatment for thermodynamic system.

DEFY :The effective bio-care in cooling tower and also to control 

    the fibres.Reduces the decomposition rate of organic materials in the 

   e-cooling  tower.Very compact dose.

Transfine ( I R P ) :To clean the transformers in state electricity boards

    ( I R P Technique) Solution.

Grassonil  :prevents the growth of the green grass in the industrial

     zone to avoid the hazards like electrical and fire.


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